If you are a group, like a church, business, or private school, we would love to partner with you. Partners commit to one year of working with us at one of our affiliate schools. Long term partnership helps bring stability into the lives of students, their families, and the staff at our schools. You benefit too! As you get to know your school, you will better be able to meet the needs of the community they serve by being in close proximity to the people who live there.

Monetary and Supply Partners:

  1. Hold used supply drives
  2. Host new supply drives
  3. Collect monetary donations

Volunteer Partners:

  1. Volunteer at events
  2. Volunteer for art at recess
  3. Work with an after school art club

Our volunteers go through a two step process that will help them get to know our community and ensure the safety of the students we serve.

  1. Pass the HSD background check : https://volunteerapplication.hsd.k12.or.us/
  1. Go through the Young Artist’s Club orientation – This can be done in person or virtually. If you have a large group, our director is able to coordinate to come to you.

Schedule your training through our Executive Director: communication@theyoungartistsclub.com